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Share vehicles effortlessly, increase fleet utilization, and streamline operations with Local Motion’s keyless access and web-based motor pool management technology.

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Access any vehicle with just one tap

You will never have to worry about car keys again.

One badge. Every key.

Once our device is installed, you can grant and restrict access based on your fleet’s needs. Employees can then unlock and drive any authorized vehicles simply by tapping their employee RFID badge.

Works with anything on wheels

From utility trucks and golf carts to electric vehicles and luxury sedans, Local Motion can be deployed in vehicles across corporations, universities and government campuses.

Get the vehicle you need, when you need it

With our mobile app and website, drivers can easily discover available vehicles and make bookings. For immediate access, our color-coded LEDs show the status of the vehicle right from the parking lot. See a green light? Tap your badge and be on your way.

Control your fleet like never before

With our cloud-based platform, get a bird’s eye view of all your vehicles to make on-the-ground decisions anytime, anywhere.

Lock & unlock remotely

Stranded outside a vehicle? Forgot to lock the car before you walked away? Simply lock or unlock the vehicle from the web.

Keep tabs on your vehicles

With GPS tracking, vehicle status and detailed usage history, have all the information you need to stay on top of your fleet.

Control access on the fly

New driver? Activate a new badge in seconds. Lost badge? Deactivate it with just a click. Any change in restriction of a badge comes into effect immediately.

Get alerts that matter

From booking overflow to low 12V battery, you can manage your notification preferences and receive only the alerts you need.

Handle maintenance with ease

Time for an oil change? Due for service? Schedule a block on the vehicle. Our system will automatically prevent driver access and reservations.

Make better decisions

With Local Motion’s advanced analytics and reporting, you will have access to actionable data to make the right decisions for your fleet.

Maximize utilization of your motor pool

Great driver experience increases the demand for car sharing, allowing vehicles to spend more time on the road.

Traditional motor pools

Vehicles are often assigned to specific individuals and spend most of their time unused in a parking lot.

Motor pools with Local Motion

Keyless access means under-utilized vehicles can now be easily shared with more drivers, helping you increase your fleet’s overall performance.

What our customers are saying...

With Local Motion’s sharing and scheduling features, the city’s motor pool is more easily accessible and can now be shared across multiple teams. In the past months, we’ve given an additional 30% of our employees easier access to vehicles and each car has seen around 10% more unique drivers than before.
Keith Leech Chief, Fleet Division & Parking Enterprise at Sacramento County
Local Motion allows 1-800Courier to easily schedule drivers, getting them on the road quickly without worrying about locating specific keys or vehicles. The intelligence and guidance provided by Local Motion has empowered us to make decisions that increased our utilization by 20% and helped scale our fleet to 7x its original size – ultimately growing our bottom line.
Mark McCurry President, 1-800Courier

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